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Is Anyone Seeing My FB Posts?

You are posting some really great stuff. You post your own unique content, blogs, videos and such. And you also share other good information. But Does Anyone See It? The facts are that only about 1 to 2% of your posts to your business page will be seen by anyone. So, if you are connected to 100 people that means that only 1 or 2 will see that great post. UGGG... So what's the point? I feel like I am wasting my time. The truth is if all you do is post good content you probably are wasting your time. And if you have hired someone who is simply posting content to your page, you are wasting your money. So How Do I Get More People To Follow Me And To Engage? The key is to have a strategy. All go

Are You Getting Sucked Down The Social Media Rabbit Hole?

It is so easy to do. You go in intending to post a few items and make a few comments on post relating to your business and then....... You find yourself way down the rabbit hole. It takes a while to climb back out. So Why Does This Happen? You had the best intentions. You really wanted to stay focused on your work today but you got sidetracked. There are several reasons why this may be happening. You have ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) No really. A lot of adults are being diagnosed with this these days. I believe it is really common in entrepreneurs and creative types. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. So Is It ADD or Are You Just An Entrepreneur? The nature of being an entrepreneur