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The Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make

I love helping small business owners get more leads. Social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your business. It takes time and money. But all of the time and money in the world will make no difference is you are doing this one thing wrong. The Number #1 Mistake That Could Cost Your Business Driving business to your website and getting your phone to ring is the first step. But when a client calls you how do you answer the phone? And when do you answer the phone? In this day and age people expect immediate response, especially when they are looking online. If you do not answer and especially if you do not have a professional recording on your voice mail, people will usually not eve

Connecting With The 50+ Market

80 year-old's are not your ideal target! If you are in the elder care industry your target market is between 50 to 65. It could be a little younger or a little older depending on your particular service. There is a good chance they are or have been a family caregiver. And Service Is the Key. Most of you are not selling a widget. You provide a service. It may be Elder Law, home care, assisted living, hospice, medicare or funeral planning or another senior related industry. You Are Passionate and Want to Help Chances are you joined this industry because you have a real passion for helping the elderly and disabled. You may even have a personal story, a reason why you are so passionate. So How D