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How Social Has Changed How We Handle Disaster?

Most of us have heard the term "sharing is caring." It can be applied to anything in life. Whether a child sharing their toys or someone sharing the food they have. As I write this blog post Houston is experiencing one of the most devastating disasters in it's History. Hurricane Harvey is ravaging the homes and businesses in our fine city. Thousands have already been displaced losing homes, businesses, cars and more. Through it all we see untold numbers of people opening their arms to welcome others into their homes to share what they have. And So We Share We are sharing our heartaches and our triumphs on social media. We are sharing hope and caring. And we are sharing information. Where to

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

Sara toyed with the idea of a blog for her home care business. She had heard it was important but let's face it time is a commodity for any business owner. Time and money were both tight, Sara told me.So she hired an overseas company to write her blog. " It was a disaster!" Sara cried " Though she wrote English she didn't understand how we talk. It sounded scripted and fake. I ended up having to rewrite most of the copy myself!" Sara gave up on the blog idea for a while. She just didn't feel she had the time to devote to blogging and a quality blogger was not cheap! But her competition was all over social media. Their blog was really good and Sara knew she had to come up with a new solutio