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4 Opportunities Your Home Care Franchise May Be Missing

So you started a home care franchise. Maybe you are new to the business and maybe you have been running your franchise for a while. Either way, you have come to the realization that competition is fierce. Even though there are a lot of people who need your services, they may not all be able to afford them. And there are a lot of companies to choose from. So how do you stand out? For those who have been in business a while, you have probably developed a lot of referral partners. These are professionals in the industry who commonly refer to you. You probably refer to them also. And Life Moves On So what happens when your great referral partner is no longer there? They have changed companies, r

4 Ways You Can Market Your Business on Facebook

Market you business on Facebook, even when your company will not allow you to have access to the Facebook page! Number One Get active. What I mean by this is to join groups on Facebook. Find groups in your industry and your target market. For instance, if you are targeting the 50-plus woman think about these questions. Where does she hang out? What kinds of groups might she belong to? Join those groups. Hang out with her and get to know her. But don't try to sell her. Just get to know her. Let her get to know you too. Number Two Start a group. Anyone can start a group. You don't have to be a business to start a group. Your group should be designed to attract people in your tarket market.

Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

I was approached recently by a coach who was getting her business started. She had a nice looking website. And from what I could tell offered a really valuable set of services. I could visualize lots of great ways she could use social media to market her business. But there was one thing missing. No Web Presence But as far as a web presence she pretty much didn’t have one. She had set up pages on Facebook, Twitter,and LinkedIn. But she only had a handful of followers. Having a few social media pages and a website does not equal a web presence. And She Wanted Organic Reach “I don’t want to pay for advertising,” she told me. “I want to get prospects from social media organically.” In fact, her