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The Power of Touch, Social Media and Your Business

The key with nurturing your business relationships is to have constant contact with the people who already know, like and trust you. These are your biggest fans. They are the ones who refer business to you. The challenge can often be to keep in front of these people without becoming obnoxious. Let’s face it. The business partners who refer business to you are busy too. They have their own business to run. As such, they do not always have the time to have lunch, grab a coffee, visit when you drop by or even to read your emails. And you are busy with other duties also. Running a business or being a marketer for a busy office can become overwhelming. You may feel like you are pulled in a milli

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Business Noticed on Facebook

1.Connect with other businesses in your area. Make sure you like their business and invite them on their page to visit and like your page. Then cultivate that relationship by regularly commenting (as your business and as yourself) on their posts. Take the time to read their blogs or watch their videos. Every time you comment on their posts on their page you will also be branding your business logo and name. This will help you to form a deeper bond and relationship with a referral partner or someone whom you would like to have as a referral partner. 2. Go Live Get over your fear of going live on Facebook. Take some classes or join Toastmasters to get more comfortable speaking live on camera.