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Don't Ask Me To Marry You

Let me ask you something if you just met somebody today. Would you jump in and ask them to marry you before you had a chance to dance? Probably Not Not even if you had the inkling that this might be the one. You wouldn't jump in and ask them to marry you from the get go. Because most people want a COURTING PHASE don't they? They want to get to know you. They want to get to know you, to like you and to trust you. All of these things have to be in place before we make a big leap like getting married. Read below or Watch This Video Hi I'm Kathryn Watson and my company is Marketing Your Care. I help small business owners in the elder care industry figure out how to market their businesses on Fa

Is Your Franchise Owner Holding You Back?

Sometimes franchise owners feels as if they may be working with their hands tied behind their back. Especially when it comes to doing any kind on online marketing. I get it. The Franchise wants to make sure that the brand is well represented. But hopefully they have vetted the people they have chosen to run their local franchises. As such, just as they feel comfortable sending these people out into the local communities to market their business, they should also feel comfortable having them engage on social media. But This is Not the Real Issue. Many of the franchise owners I have visited with tell me the corporate office is handling all of their social media so they don't have to. Social M

Why You Need To Humanize Your Business

Good morning it's a happy Tuesday here in Houston Texas. A little bit gloomy this morning but I'll take it. It's not pouring down raining and it's not snowing and all is good. So I hope you're having a great day. I want to talk to you today about humanizing your business and why this is so so important. What do I mean by humanizing your business? Well, what I'm talking about, is the fact that people do business with people. I have said this a number of times before but it bears repeating. People do business with people- not with companies. Think about it. Think about the companies that you have done business with? Why are you doing business with them. Is it because of the company? Or, are yo