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Not Enough Time To Get It All Done?

A Small Business Owner  Wears a Lot of Hats! As such, trying to get everything done can often feel overwhelming.


You started your business to help people- Not market, right?

6 Week Facebook Marketing Program

Helping You Create More Time For The Things You Love To Do.

After all isn't that why you started your business?


You Want to Help!- Not spend all day trying to get customers.

A New Class Will Return in June of 2019! Can'tWait That Long? Contact Kathryn


This group will meet weekly for 6 weeks. Each week you will learn a new technique to market your Facebook  Business page. You will be given a weekly challenge.

Participate in a Private  VIP Group with other small business owners. Post your successes and your challenges. Ask questions and get answers about marketing your business on Facebook.


If You:

  • Cannot Fit FB Marketing Into Your Schedule

  • Know that you need to use FB  for your business but aren't sure how?

  • Market to the 45 to 65-year-old ( the adult child)

  • Want to learn how to use FB to grow your business?

  • Are frustrated with your results?

  • Then this group is for you!












You will learn:


  • Why Getting Likes is NOT where you should spend your time/money. What metrics should you really be paying attention to? 


  • What types of posts get the most attention. I will give you a list of the best apps to create and post your content.


  • What you should spend 10 minutes each day doing.


  • Why Video Matters and How To Get Started- Discover the tools that will make a difference.


  • Learn how to run an "Effective Ad Campaign". Create the perfect avatars for your business and learn how to design an audience on Facebook. 


  • How much you should spend on advertising and why you should RARELY use the boost button.


  • Hacks to cut your time in half! And so much more!!

Each week you will be given a new challenge. I will remind and encourage you to push forward with each task.



* You need to have a Facebook page set up before class begins. If you need help contact Kathryn.

Be A Part of the

VIP Group

Exclusively for Members of the 6 Week  FB Marketing Program

There is a lot of power in groups who have a common goal. You will be able to connect with others in your industry to share best practices and to help one another.


Additionally, you will have a place where you can go to ask questions and get answers to any challenge that may arrive.

 What Are You Waiting For?

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