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Where Are Your Leads Really Coming From?

Everyone wants to know where there leads are coming from so they can get the most bang for their buck. I get it. But do you really know how that lead arrived at your door? The Rule of 7 The rule of 7 is an old marketing adage that says a customer must see your information or advertising 7 times before they will consider using your services. In today's world we are being constantly bombarded with messages.

How do you make sure your message will get noticed? The first few times your message will probably be ignored. Chances are the people you are trying to reach will have their marketing blinders up. This is why social media is so important. The goal of a social media campaign should be to connect and engage with your prospects to make your brand recognizable. Then when you do a lead generation campaign, whether on social media or elsewhere it will be much more effective. You will be reaching people who already know who you are and who you have developed a relationship with.

Today there is so much more NOISE! We are exposed to advertising all day long. Chances are where you think a lead came from only happens to be the last place they visited. Most leads have seen your brand name many times before they ever make that call.

Consider Mary: Mary was in the hospital with her Mom recently. When it came time for discharge the social worker gave her three options. for home care Two of the companies, she had never heard of but the third one she had noticed on social media. They were regularly posting helpful information and she read a number of articles and educational posts on LI and FB.

Who do you think she choose? She liked the information this company was posting and felt they were knowledgeable. Naturally this is the company she choose. However, when the information was entered into the company database the lead source was the social worker. Mary didn't think to tell anyone that she had been following the company on FB and LI. and there was no option for putting multiple lead sources in the data base. The truth is very few leads will ever call you after hearing or seeing your name once. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Posting helpful information on your social media sites and being connected to other websites who post valuable content will help consumers to know, like and trust you even if they have not met you face to face.

They Don't Need You...... Yet Let's face it most people looking for senior care look a long time before they actually purchase a service. They know the need is coming and they will begin to gather information. They attend conferences and workshops or like most people they may just start by reading an article or watching a video here and there. The more often they see your brand during the gathering phase the better chance you will have that they will call you when the need is there. Chances are they may not have your phone # so like most of us they will Google your name or your type of business ( like "home care- The Woodlands) and call you that way.

And how did they find you? Now you will ask them how they found you and they will tell you "the internet or maybe even google" Your tracking software will indeed show that they called you from a google search. But is this how they really found you? And is this why they choose you? Marketing your business can seem overwhelming. There are so many companies who want you to advertise with them. The key is to find a few companies and stick with them. Go deep with your advertising not broad. Keep a constant and positive social media and internet presence. Author- Kathryn Watson Contact Kathryn Watson for a complimentary assessment of your social media presence. Let's talk about how we can help you to get noticed by the people who matter. Call 281-827-7090 or email

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