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Are You On The Top Of Their Mind?

Let's face it, your competition is stiff. There are a lot of companies trying to share the space. With more new players the chance of your company continuing to stand out is getting harder and harder. It Used To Be a Good Website Was All You Needed But now a website without a strategic marketing strategy is simply a waste of money. Your marketing strategy needs to include both online and off line activities. So How Are You Staying On The Top Of Their Minds? Hopefully you are still continuing some of your tried and true techniques like networking with other professionals, offering CE classes, participating in caregiver conferences and having events for the community. Is That Enough These Days? Not hardly. Let's face it, families and referral partners alike, are bombarded with marketing messages all day long. It is on TV, radio, newspaper but now also your computer, your phone.

Shouting Your Offer On Social Media Will Not Win You Any Points

Nobody wants to be sold to. We have enough marketing messages to deal with already. Posting your advertising message on your personal page, in groups and elsewhere, will simply turn people off to your message. You wouldn't walk into a caregiver support group and try to sell your services, would you? I sure hope you answered no to that. :-) Give To Receive Find ways to offer help, to be of service, to educate, inform and entertain. When you do this people will naturally be attracted to your company and will visit your website to learn more. You Don't Have to Push Your Message Into Their Face By being of service and helping others you will place your company in a good light. People will want to do business with you because you are in business to serve.

Author-Kathryn Watson-Social Media Strategist and Founder of Find Houston Senior Care and Marketing Your Care

Books include: "Marketing From The Inside Out" 1999 "Help! My Parents Are Aging" 2012 ​"Help! I Can't Do This Alone"2013

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