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Is Anyone Seeing My FB Posts?

You are posting some really great stuff. You post your own unique content, blogs, videos and such. And you also share other good information.

But Does Anyone See It?

The facts are that only about 1 to 2% of your posts to your business page will be seen by anyone. So, if you are connected to 100 people that means that only 1 or 2 will see that great post.

UGGG... So what's the point? I feel like I am wasting my time.

The truth is if all you do is post good content you probably are wasting your time. And if you have hired someone who is simply posting content to your page, you are wasting your money.

So How Do I Get More People To Follow Me And To Engage?

The key is to have a strategy. All good marketing plans begin with a strategy. Think about how you market your business elsewhere. Hopefully you have some kind of plan. If not, we seriously need to talk.

What Do You Do At A Network Meeting?

If you are a savvy marketer you do not run around the room shoving your information in other peoples faces. You take the time to walk around and get to know the other businesses attending. You ask about their business and look for ways that you can help them to prosper.

Give To Get

A simple concept, yet so many businesses miss the mark on this one. Make it your goal to help 5 or more people each week. No strings attached. Nothing expected in return. I promise you will be amazed at what begins to happen.

What Works Offline Will Also Work Online.

It's really no different on FB than it is at a network meeting. You can browse around for different businesses you would like to connect with. When you find one, you simply "Like" their page. "Like"it both as yourself and again as your business page. Then post to their timeline that you have "liked" their page and invite them to "like" your page also.

Now take the time to look at and read some of their posts. Is there something worth sharing on your business page? Can you comment and like another post.

When you do this you are telling the business that you think they are valuable and you want to help them get the word out. Hopefully they will reciprocate.

Some Will, Some Won't- Next!

That is one of my favorite sayings from an author I love, Jack Canfield. He is so right. Some people will reciprocate and some will not. Don't let yourself get hung up on this. Pay attention to the ones who do choose to help by commenting and sharing your posts.

If you haven't met this person offline before it's time to connect.

Meet For Coffee

Offer to take them for coffee and get to know more about their business. Let them know you appreciate the fact they are sharing and commenting on your posts and you would like to continue to do the same.

Comments And Shares = More Followers

Posts that have more comments and shares will automatically be shown to more FB users. The FB algorithm will see this post as one that people like to see in their news feed. Therefore they will serve it to more news feeds. Also, when your post is shared by someone else you get the added benefit of having their followers view your posts.

Connecting With Other Businesses Makes Sense

Find several business who would like to set up reciprocal sharing with you. Make sure you set boundaries before you begin. Otherwise you may find yourself doing all of the sharing and commenting. Maybe agree to share 1 to 2 posts each week and comment on 4 to 5 posts or more.

Having a Strategy in Place Makes All The Difference

Having a good solid plan for your business is important. The marketing arm of your business is important. Take the time to craft a strategy that will work for you and for your business. It will be time well spent.

Kathryn Watson is a Social Media Strategist. Her focus is on Content Creation, Facebook and LinkedIn Strategy.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Kathryn to see how she can help your business.

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