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Want More People To See Your Facebook Posts?

Hi I'm Kathryn Watson - most of y'all know me. You've joined this group. So hopefully you know me either online or off.

But I am so happy to be here. I'm really excited today. We have talked about this before. We've talked about video and the use of video and video usage on Facebook is just increasing more and more. Facebook is showing video more often than they are showing other types of posts.

So for those of you that feel like you're not getting anywhere with your Facebook page, I'm telling you it's time to add video. So I recently started a Live Program. Some of you have probably seen it.

It is called "Life After 50 Show- What you need to know" and it's held on my page-Find Houston Senior Care Facebook page. I do it every Monday. I interview different people.

Well I did the one this Monday, we had Amanda Faught on the call and she was talking to her about medications and seniors. A really good Topic. But I am just so ecstatic. It has been, let's see, it's twelve fifty five I've finished that show at 11 30 so an hour and a half later and we've already reached over a thousand people. How many of you are doing a post and it's reaching over a thousand people?

[00:01:47] How many of you ?

[00:02:01] There we go. We reached over a thousand people within an hour and a half and it's just going to continue to grow. More people are going to see the replay even though they didn't come live. They're watching the replay. That's awesome. It can go on for a long time. We've had over 22 shares of the post. We've had a lot of reactions. A lot of comments. So it is it is growing very fast.

And if that's what you want to do is to grow your Facebook business fast then you need to start using some video doesn't always have to be live and for some of you. You may be a little intimidated by doing live video. I was and I've been a professional speaker before but I was very intimidated by doing live video broadcast because I guess because it's out there forever for a long time.

[00:03:09] So I've gotten past my fear and you can too. All you have to do is just step into it. You just step into the fear. Whatever it is you're afraid of doing. Whatever it is you're afraid of trying. Just step into the fear.

I'll tell you a little story. The very first time I ever spoke in public was at a big convention down in Galveston. This was many many years ago. I was living in Fredericksburg Texas at the time and had gone to Austin to a networking event. And I met this lady at the networking event and she asked me she said Do you ever speak in public? And I can remember very vividly my brain thinking "well it's public and you're speaking". And I looked at her with a big smile and I said Of course! LOL

[00:04:06] And she said good, right. We just had a cancellation. We need a speaker this weekend. Would you do this? Of course!. And then I went home and I panicked. I mean I really panicked. I was going to be speaking in public to...not a huge group.

[00:04:26] It was just a small group of massage therapists who wanted to learn some marketing techniques. And I was going to go in and teach them.

But the convention was huge. I mean they had big name people Dr. Andrew Weil was there. I think Deepak Chopra was there. There were a lot of big names there. And here is a little. Kathryn WATSON who has never, I mean I'd spoken a few times in public. No not very well. I definitely was not a public speaker at that time and I was scared to death. I'm telling you I woke up the morning of the event with a stomach ache, a headache. I thought I was going to explode. I didn't know what I was going to do. And I ran into a really good friend of mine who also happens to be a hypnotherapist.

[00:05:17] And I grabbed her and I shook her and I said Joyce, you've got to help me. I'm getting ready to go in and talk to these people and I don't know what I'm going to say. I'm afraid I'm going to forget everything and I don't know what to do and they might laugh at me. What's going to happen? And I'm scared. And she very calmly just looked at me and she said Kathryn

[00:05:39] Do you like to help people? "Well Joyce, of course I do. You know I like to help people. She said Kathryn, you're not going in there to perform.

[00:05:53] You're going in there too Inform. Wow. Talk about a game shifter. I have never looked at speaking in public the same since that conversation with Joyce.

[00:06:12] You're not going in there to perform. You're going in there to inform them. Suddenly it didn't matter didn't matter how many people were in the room. If I could help one person then I felt like I did my job. And that's what I'm doing now online with social media.

[00:06:34] If I can get out there and help one person then I've done my job. So give it a try.

[00:06:45] Give it a try. If there's some of you that would be interested in joining an online group where you can practice in a private group so that the whole wide world doesn't see you and you can hone your skills that way. If you would be interested in something like that let me know. I'd love to set up a practice group if that's something you're interested in. I'm going to just put that in here.

[00:07:17] Are you interested in a private group. Let me know if you are.

[00:07:27] Let me know if you're interested in a private group just put something in the comment below and I'll be more than happy to look at that and see how we can set up a group for you to practice honing your skills learn some techniques, learn if you're interested in some of the programs that I'm using like the one I'm using right now.

[00:07:54] Called Belive. I just love it for doing live videos. I'm able to add some things like my logo. I'm able to type it and add different bits of information that I want to put up during the show.

[00:08:14] But I'm telling you video makes a huge huge difference. It's gonna make a huge difference in your business and how well you're known out there. You want to be known right? You want your business to be the go to business in your industry. What better way than to get yourself out there and get known. I'm Kathryn Watson and I'm happy to come here live for you and let me know what you need. Let me know how I can help. Have a great day.

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