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It's Time To Hit The Reset Button

You had huge plans for your business this year. This was going to be your year!

Then life happened.

Your mom fell.

Your daughter came home from school sick.

Then you got sick!

Your great plans and expectations seemed to just fly out the door.

The truth is, studies show that most people have abandoned their goals by mid February. For various reasons we seem to be unable to really stick with it.

So does that mean you have to wait until next year to set your goals again?

Heck no!!

Hit the reset button and get back up on your horse!

You can always start again. Just ask any successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you they have started over and over again, hundreds or even thousands of times.

The Good News

Each time you hit the restart button I think you become a little more clear on your goals and your dreams.

Yearly Goals or Smaller Ones?

It's nice to have big goals. However when you can take that big idea and goal and break it down into smaller goals it somehow seems more doable.

I Call it Chunking :-)

Breaking to goals and tasks into smaller more bite size chucks helps me to become successful. I like to do 90 day goals.Some people prefer 30 day goals. Whatever works for you.

Inside of my 90 day goal plan I will outline the steps I need to take to accomplish this goal.

Look at What You Need to Reach Your Goal

How many new clients will I need? How many books will I sell? How many programs will I sign clients up for? How many sponsors will I have?

What Will It Mean To You And Your Family?

If you reach your goals, how will it impact your family? What will be the benefits? Spend time really thinking about this. This is the feeling that will drive you to take action.

Now Look at What Action Steps You Need To Take

All the goals in the world mean nothing if you do not take the necessary action to make them happen.

Attend Networking Events

Post to Two Social Media Accounts

Join Groups on FB and Linked In

Start and Engage in Online Conversations

Connect with Other Businesses

Public speaking

Blog writing

Call or Visit Influencers and Referral Partners

Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Events

In your action plan specify how often you will do each task. How many networking events will you attend each week, etc.

Social Media Can Help You Free Up Your Time

Some of you reading this probably think I am crazy! You may be feeling overwhelmed. And if you do not know how to use social media correctly you may feel like it takes up too much of your time.But the truth is, you will become much more efficient when you learn how to use social media.

Attend Networking Events?

business people networking

Think about how long it takes you to attend a networking meeting. Include your travel time to and from the event.

How many people there are you able to have a meaningful conversation with? Do you get appointments with people you meet at this event?

A typical networking event can take between 2 to 3 hours out of your day. You can make the same connections on social media in no more than 30 minutes. You can reach out and set up appointments. Introduce yourself to new businesses you would like to know and do just about anything you do at the networking event. Except eat and drink of course! LOL

Now I am certainly not suggesting that you stop attending these events. It is important to show your face. However many marketers spend more time at these events than is necessary to achieve the results they need.

Different Place- Same Faces

If you discover that you are seeing the same people event after event maybe it is time to shake up your marketing a bit. Drop one weekly event. this will free up 2 to 3 hours each week that you can devote to growing your online presence.

So jump back on the horse and reset those goals.

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