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The Power of Touch, Social Media and Your Business

The key with nurturing your business relationships is to have constant contact with the people who already know, like and trust you. These are your biggest fans. They are the ones who refer business to you.

The challenge can often be to keep in front of these people without becoming obnoxious. Let’s face it. The business partners who refer business to you are busy too.

They have their own business to run. As such, they do not always have the time to have lunch, grab a coffee, visit when you drop by or even to read your emails.

And you are busy with other duties also.

Running a business or being a marketer for a busy office can become overwhelming. You may feel like you are pulled in a million different directions sometimes. Your intentions may be good but the truth is you may not always follow up as you should.

So how can you keep in touch?

Social Media offers you the opportunity to keep in touch without being obnoxious. Facebook is one of the best places. The average person spends 45 minutes to an hour each and every day on this platform.

And they let their hair down!

You will learn a lot about business partners and associates simply by reading their posts. You will know when their beloved dog dies and can send a sympathy card or give them a call.

And you can see pictures of their kids going off to school on their first day. Or perhaps hear the soft moans of a new empty-nester. You will know if someone is looking for a new job and you may be able to help.

And when someone is on a diet you sure don't want to show up at their office with sugar-laden snacks. LOL

All of this information will help you to form a deeper bond and connection with the people who matter to you and your business.

And on top of this information, you can learn more about their business through the posts they put on their Facebook Business page.

Stop By For A Visit, But Also Connect on Facebook

Stopping by their business with goodies a couple of times a month is okay. But will this help you to deepen your relationship? Combine your outside (in person) marketing efforts with social media and you will begin to see a huge shift.

Here’s the strategy:

  • Make a list of the top ten referral partners you want to keep in touch with.

  • Next to their name add a link to their business and their personal business pages.

  • If you have not already connected with them invite them to be your friend.

  • Like their business page both as yourself and as your business

  • Invite them to like your business page also

  • Once a week go to their business page and like and comment on their posts.

  • Make sure your comments are thoughtful. Simply saying “good post” is not a thoughtful comment

  • You may also share their post if appropriate

This process should take no longer than about 15 minutes each week.

During the week check their personal page. Comment on anything that it is appropriate for you to comment on. Start conversations both on their personal and their business pages.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Some of this can be handled by an agency.

At Marketing Your Care, we can like and comment on posts from your referral partners as your business. This will keep your business name front and center in their mind. Plus, everyone wants their posts to get some love and attention, right?

When your business makes a thoughtful comment on one of their posts it will create a “feel good” experience. Additionally, you will be branding your business name and logo for anyone visiting their page to see.

Of course, you will still need to do the personal part. :-) But that’s easy. You are already on Facebook, right? Just be the friend you already are.

Contact Kathryn Watson at to see how we can help your company stand out above the rest.

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