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I Have Been Overwhelmed

Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don't know if you experience that from time to time my guess is if you're an entrepreneur or you're running a small business you probably do and I'm wondering how you manage to get out of that overwhelmed feeling?

Is there something you know you want and need to do?

Recently, I had a strong desire to complete a signature program. It is something that I've wanted to do for several years. And I have been thinking about putting together an online study program for heart- centered professionals.

You know, people like you who are passionate about helping others. I see a lot of really good passionate people go out of business because they could not make a decent living. And I know I can help.

I have a ton of information in my head.

That's not the problem. And when I've done workshops before they been very well received. But a lot of people can't attend my workshops. They often live far away. That's why I want to create an online school.

But When I think About Actually Doing It....

That's when the overwhelmed feeling begins to take hold. Everyone experiences this a little differently but for me, it shows up as anxiety. My heart beats a little faster. My stomach sometimes does some flip-flops. And my head begins to spin with all of the reasons this might not be a good idea. And it is uncomfortable.

So I started thinking today about why I get so overwhelmed. I came up with a few ideas.

There's a part of me that's afraid. I know those of you who think you know me may see me as a very confident woman. And I am.

But not always.

I have fears and insecurities just like everybody else. I worried that I don't know how to put it all together. And I'm concerned that it may not even sell. And here I will be sitting with all of this work that I've done and no sales. And let's face it I do want to help people and I do need to make a good living.

And so I procrastinate. Do you ever procrastinate?

Procrastination is when you find all kinds of other work that just absolutely needs to be done now. That way you can avoid doing what you know will really drive your business forward. Come on...fess up. You have done this, right? Of course, you have. It's called being human.

Now the key, of course, it to get out of this place of procrastination. Here is what I find helps for me.

1. Write down your goals

And do it now! Right now! You do not have to wait until January 1st. :-) What do you want for your business and for yourself? Yes, I said for yourself? If your needs are not met you will not stay in business long.

This is "the why" you do what you do. It is important to know "the why."

2. Take Actionable Steps

What I'm discovering is you need to write down your goal.. but you need to go a step further you need to read that gold daily. And you need to have that goal broken into actionable steps that you will take day by day.

Breaking your goal into smaller steps that you take will cut the overwhelm.

Most people who have ever lost a lot of weight did so by taking small steps each day. Instead of focusing on the whole 100 pounds they needed to lose. They divided it up into weekly goals. They also included daily steps to get there.

What could you do each day and each week to reach your goal?

  • If you found one new business to connect with online each week you would be connected to 52 new businesses by this time next year.

  • Want to write a book. Write two pages each week.

  • Schedule one live video every two weeks. At the end of the year, you will have a nice podcast or show.

The key is not to let FEAR come creeping in.

I will step up!

So today I'm putting it out there. My online Facebook Marketing Program for Service Professionals will launch before the end of this year. Furthermore, it will help some really amazing people develop a strategy to market their business on Facebook.

Small actionable steps you can take day by day.

Okay, I put it out there. I'm counting on you to hold me accountable. So what do you want to put out there? What do you want to be held accountable for doing?

When you take your passion, add in your purpose (the why) and have a clear process to get where you are going you will enjoy the profits you deserve!


Kathryn Watson is a Social Media Strategist and Marketing Coach. Contact Kathryn to learn how to market your business or to hire the Marketing Your Care Team to help your business grow.

for a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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