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She Was So Excited and I Hated to Burst Her Bubble

I met with the new business owner of a small residential care home. Gloria (not her real name) was so excited about opening her new care home. She just knew that with her experience as a nurse for over 30 years in a Nursing home she could do a better job.

caring for seniors

Caring for Seniors is Her Passion!

So we sat down together to visit. She told me all of her wonderful ideas for engaging her residents and meeting their care needs. And she proudly toured me through her home. It was beautiful. No detail was ignored.

There was no doubt in my mind that anyone moving into her home would receive top notch care. Gloria was a compassionate and caring individual. Furthermore, she knew what she was doing. In the care department, at least.

Now all she needed was to officially open and to get clients!

We sat down again at the dining table. She wanted to show me her spreadsheet. All of her expenses were listed and she asked me, “Is there anything I missed?”

Where is Your Marketing Budget I Asked?

Her face fell. She did not include a budget for marketing or even advertising for that matter.

Then Gloria brushed it off. “I have 30 years of contacts in the nursing home industry. I will get a lot of referrals.”

Gloria planned to call all of her friends in the industry and tell them about her new home.

I offered her my coaching and consulting services to help her understand marketing.

She declined the help. She figured with her contacts she did not need any other help. Her friends would be enough.

But Was It?

One year later Gloria had to close her doors. Though she did get a few referrals from her friends in the industry it was not enough to sustain her. And even those referrals started to disappear after a few months.

Gloria Had the Potential to Help A Lot of People

Unfortunately, she learned the hard way, if you don’t help yourself you will not be able to help others. Moving from a corporate job to owning your own business means you will need to wear a lot of hats. And you will need help along the way.

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