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No- You Do Not Want To Do This On Facebook

Facebook Advice You Do Not Want To Take

I just got one of those spammy emails telling me why I need to use this service to quickly get 2000 Facebook likes.

This is the email I got with the company name removed.

Hi Kathryn,

>>> Have you been struggling to increase your Likes on your Facebook business?

>>> Do you want to immediately increase your Facebook credibility?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then our Facebook Likes program is for you.

Last year, we launched a new program to get you 2,000 real likes from real people on your Facebook business page.

For details, go to __________________________________________

In order to quickly get additional Case Studies, we are providing this service for 50% off for the next 50 people that participate.

DO NOT Buy Into This!!! Here is Why:

#1- This tactic may get you likes from real people BUT are these people really interested in your business? Are they in your local area? Do they fit your demographics? Most likely they will live outside of your local area and probably in another country to boot.

Sure this will boost your ego, make you look great in front of your friends and colleagues...but is that what you are really in business for???

#2- Engagement is the key to having a healthy Facebook page. People who have no interest in your page will not engage. This will actually hurt your business on Facebook.

You Need To Be Connected To Your Tribe

If you want more people to see the wonderful posts you are putting up you want your page connected to people who are interested in your business and will engage. I had a client once who had 10,000 Likes but Facebook was showing his posts only to a handful of people because no one was engaging.

The algorithms are constantly changing on Facebook. But time and time again Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he wants to see real conversations on Facebook.

To get real conversations going you have to do real work. And you have to start real conversations. They do not always have to be on your page either.

#3- Running ads- With an audience who is engaged and who is interested in your business you can create an ad campaign targeting people who have liked your Facebook page and your website. BUT you do not want to target these quick "Likes" After all, that would be a waste of money wouldn't it.

If you are serious about growing a real audience of people you know, like and trust you there is a better way to do this.

Join my new On Demand Marketing Strategy program Facebook Marketing Made Simple

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Kathryn Watson- Marketing Your Care

"I help clients save time and end their frustration with social media." Kathryn

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