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Is Your Franchise Owner Holding You Back?

Sometimes franchise owners feels as if they may be working with their hands tied behind their back. Especially when it comes to doing any kind on online marketing.

I get it. The Franchise wants to make sure that the brand is well represented. But hopefully they have vetted the people they have chosen to run their local franchises. As such, just as they feel comfortable sending these people out into the local communities to market their business, they should also feel comfortable having them engage on social media.

But This is Not the Real Issue.

Many of the franchise owners I have visited with tell me the corporate office is handling all of their social media so they don't have to. Social Media Management is part of what they purchased.

Sounds Good. But Is it Working?

The truth is that your corporate office are simply posting to the page. Or maybe your corporate office worked a special price with a company to handle your social media and everyone in your franchise.

Sure it may not cost you little to no extra money but what are you getting? Are they really managing your social media page or are they just posting to it so that it "looks good."

There is A Reason The Word "Social" is in Social Media

Social Media is about being social. It is about connecting, having conversations and becoming known as the person or company who can and does help. And this does not happen by simply pushing a button and sending the same post across the board to all of the franchissees.

Me, Me , Me!

Simply Posting To Your Page is like walking into a network meeting and throwing your flyers in the air while screaming "Look at me!"

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