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Don't Ask Me To Marry You

Let me ask you something if you just met somebody today. Would you jump in and ask them to marry you before you had a chance to dance?

Probably Not

Not even if you had the inkling that this might be the one. You wouldn't jump in and ask them to marry you from the get go.

Because most people want a COURTING PHASE don't they?

They want to get to know you. They want to get to know you, to like you and to trust you. All of these things have to be in place before we make a big leap like getting married.

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Hi I'm Kathryn Watson and my company is Marketing Your Care. I help small business owners in the elder care industry figure out how to market their businesses on Facebook,LinkedIn,Google. Where ever it is on social media that they need to be. And it's really no different from what you would do in your personal life.

Imagine You Are Out Marketing In Your Community

Let's say you're at a networking event. And you meet somebody for the first time. Hopefully you're not jumping in there and trying to sell them your service. And I really hope that you're listening to what they do. Also that you're having a banter back and forth. And you're starting a conversation.

Perhaps You Go for Coffee Later

You get to know this person. Because you want to trust them and they want to trust you. But you don't know each other yet, right? So you have this COURTING PHASE.

Online Marketing is No Different

There are a lot of get rich quick schemes out there. And I'm getting inundated with them lately. In fact, on LinkedIn ( the professional channel) it seems like every other day somebody is trying to connect with me. But it is for the sole purpose of trying to sell me their wares. And yes, you might get a few sales with this tactic.

But You're Also Going to Develop a Really Bad Reputation

And you're going to turn off a lot of people that may have been your very best customer. So pay attention to what you're doing. And how you're marketing your business both online and off.

Remember It's All About Relationships.

The word social is in social media because it's about being social. It's not about jumping in there and attacking people with all of your information from the get go and trying to get that sale immediately. Those days are gone.

We're In a New Era Now

And it's time to learn new ways. If you'd like some more help with this. I'd love to help business owners and marketers have a stronger presence on social media and build that nice foundation that's going to keep their business afloat even during rocky times. And we all know that businesses go through rocky times. Your business is up one year and then it's down another year and you might stay kind of steady but you're going to have some ebbs and flows.

Is Your Business Built on A Solid Foundation?

Those who have a nice solid foundation are not going to have as tall of peaks and as low of lows. They're gonna be steady. And they're just going to keep going and gradually moving up. That's the way to build a solid business. So I'd love to talk to you and let's get connected and get to know each other first though OK.

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