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Don't Try To Outsmart Google

Today I want to talk about something that you really ought to pay attention to. And that is trying not to out trick or outsmart Google. Because it will not work.

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Fake Reviews Will Not Help Your Senior Care Business

Now we all know reviews are hot. Everybody's talking about them. I have a program to help you get more legitimate reviews if you're interested in that. But there are a lot of people out there proposing that you take shortcuts. They suggest you do things that might actually get you and a lot of trouble with Google. Trying to outsmart Google with fake reviews is never a good idea.

Google is Smarter Than You Think

google reviews

Fake reviews don't help anybody. In fact that could really really hurt your brand. So having coworkers and people that you know going in and writing reviews for your business is not a smart idea. At least not if you want to stay in business. I have talked to franchise owners who are getting the other franchise owners in their corporation to review each other.

This Is What Could Happen

Google is going notice.Let's face it, you cannot outsmart Google. And they're going to usually start just banning those people. Furthermore they will not allow those reviews to go out. Because it's obvious that they're not authentic reviews of your local business. And the person is probably not even in your local area. And they're in the same business as you. They work for the same company. So it's not really a legit review.

Authentic Reviews From Employees Are Okay

Now it's okay to have one or two of your employees write a review if it's heartfelt. And you can tell when somebody writes a heartfelt review. Likewise you can tell if somebody is just doing what the boss says. But when you start getting a whole lot of people in the company or the corporation to do this you're going to get flagged. I guarantee you. And the first step is going to be stopping from allowing the reviews to go through.

The Google Penalty Could Be Worse

But it could go further. Google could shut down your Google My Business Page. It could also lower your rank in the search engine. So it's going to hurt. I'm sorry! It's going to hurt your search engine optimization. It will NOT help it.

Not Only Can You Not Outsmart Google But The Public Cannot Be Outsmarted Either

Plus people reading reviews- they want to know what your customers say. Right? It's OK to see what another professional says about you occasionally. But if all the reviews are just from people that you work with what will that say? That's pretty obvious what's going on. And not only are people not going to look favorably on those reviews, they are not going to give them much credit. They're probably going to wonder why you have to resort to doing that.

So For Two Reasons Don't Do This Practice

Please I'm begging you don't do this practice. It's not good. It's not it's not going to help you. And it's going to hurt your business.

And The Same Could Be Said True About Getting Likes On Facebook

And I've talked about this one before about getting likes on Facebook. Purchasing likes is only going to hurt your business. It's not going to help.

Read my blog for more information. I'm not going to go into great detail here. You can look at my blog archives and find that one. But purchasing likes will not help your business.And going with a company that's going to give you two thousand likes in 30 days or ten thousand likes in 30 days or whatever they promise will hurt your business.

Grow Your Business With Integrity

You need to do things the right way, with integrity and that's how you grow your business. Because other people will see that you're doing things the right way and with integrity.

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