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Not Having An Online Presence is Not An Option

Not having an online presence is no longer an option.

That is if you want to compete in today's climate.

I'm Kathryn Watson Watson. I'm the owner and founder of both. Find Houston Senior Care and Marketing Your Care. And I primarily work with elder care professionals, probably like you. I work with home care companies and owners of residential care homes. Also Hospice companies, Elder Law Attorneys, geriatric care managers. And anybody in the elder care space that wants to grow their business.

Because The Truth Is- Marketing Has Changed.

And if you don't change with it you will be left behind. Additionally, it's moving really really fast right now. The online space is changing daily. I take classes on a regular basis just to keep up with what's happening what's new. And I need to know what policies have changed. Also what rules have changed. There is so much that you have to know about the space.

But Don't Be Frightened or Overwhelmed

There is help out there. You do not have to do everything yourself. So you have two choices really. You can hire an agency or an individual to manage your social media online presence. And for those of you in the elder care industry.

My Number One Suggestion Would Be Facebook First

And then you may also want to add a YouTube channel. Or you may want to add Google My Business. GMB is definitely a second step that you'd want to have.

Two Ways To Develop An Online Presence

You can do this by hiring somebody to do it for you. Or you can learn how and do it yourself. One option is going to cost you way more in dollars and the other option is going to cost you way more in time. So it's a time or dollars situation. You have to decide what is the most important for you right now.

Where Do You Want To Spend Your Dollars And Your Time?

I guess there's really a third option because some of my clients like this one. They hired me to do part of the management. And they learn it from me to do some of the other. So it's kind of a win win situation. But the truth is Facebook isn't going away. Social media isn't going away and the digital world is changing daily. So you've got to join in. You've got to spend some time and /or some money to invest in your business so that it will grow in 2019 and beyond.

You know it's funny. I've been in marketing for practically my whole life in one way or another. And back in I think it was 2000 I wrote a book about marketing called marketing from the inside out. It's no longer in print but one of the things I said right then was you didn't really need a Web site or the tech industry that I was focusing on at that time.

You didn't need a website? Ha! How things have changed.

You do need a Web site but there's a lot of talk about Web site may even be going away. Not sure about that. I don't see it happening anytime in the near future. I think it's still important to have a place where people can go and feel like they know you and they know your business and what you're about. I think that's really really important.

But I think equally as important is your social media presence. When I'm considering looking for information for myself or for someone I care about I'm going to go online. I'm going to first Google the name of the company. And I'm going to google the name of the owner of the company.

I Want To Know Everything I Can About Them.

And if they don't have a presence? Well, I'm going to think they're a fly by night. I just am. I'm going to wonder what they're hiding that they don't want me to know about? So figure out a way to bring marketing into 2019 and beyond by including your digital presence. It's so important. And if you don't start today you'll get left way behind.

Now the cool thing is if you don't have to jump in full force. If you don't have the budget and you don't have the time to do a lot.

At Least Dip Your Toes In. Get Wet.

Start doing a few things. I put together some great programs and classes online that you can access.

I've put together a full program

Facebook Marketing Made Simple. It's pretty directly designed to help you get up and running and gives you every step that you need along the way.

I highly encourage you if you want to do a lot of your marketing yourself invest in this course. It's not that expensive and it's a great investment. It'll give you a good solid foundation to develop your online presence.

Lifetime access!

Available to you online 24/7

Step by step instruction so you know what to do and when to do it.

"I help clients save time and end their frustration with social media." Kathryn

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