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Are You Cold Calling on Social Media?

How Is That Working For You?

HI I'M KATHRYN WATSON with Marketing Your Care and I'm back with some social media marketing tips. So today I want to talk about Cold Calling versus Warm Leads.

Which one do you think is best? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Probably most of you are going to say warm leads.


You Already Have a Relationship

Because they already have developed some bit of a relationship with you. It might be small or might be the beginning of a relationship. But they know who you are and you're not just somebody trying to sell them something. Hopefully. :-)

So if you're really thinking that warm leads are the best. I want you to apply that now to social media. Let's think about that for a moment.

It's All About Me!

What I see a lot of people doing is just posting a lot about "my service". This is what I do. This is how wonderful I am. Blah blah blah blah blah. And that's all they're posting on their page. There is no relationship. Without a relationship, you are just cold calling. Or maybe these businesses are going out there and they're not really posting much on their page, but they're doing a lot of advertising.

Advertising to A Cold Audience

Well when you advertise like this to people who don't already know who you are, they're not comfortable with you. They haven't developed any kind of relationship. And they have not learned to know, like, or trust you. You're basically doing cold calling online.

Is This Your Intention?

And I know that's not the intention of most of you out there. You don't want to do cold calling right? You want to warm up those leads. So how do we do that?

The way you do that is by the content you post on your page. And also what you do off your page is important. I'm a big proponent that social media marketing is not all about what happens on your page. It's about what happens out and about in the social media circles.

It Is Just Another Type of Networking

So what am I talking about is about connecting with others in your industry and outside of your industry? Connecting and participating on their page. That means commenting and talking about what they're talking about. Having a conversation.
And it doesn't mean just going in and just saying "good article", "Nice job" "I like this".

You Need to Go Deeper

You need to really put some information on that comment that shows you as the authority and shows you as a team player. When appropriate, you want to share some of those posts from other people.
Your page should not be just about you. It should be about everybody. You want to share other people's information. That shows that you're not just are in it for yourself. You're in it to help other people.

You Are A Heart-Centered Professional

And I know that most of you out there that are listening to this are heart-centered. You're what I call heart-centered professionals. You have a passion for what you do. And you really want to help people.

Furthermore, I really want to help you to help more people. Because when I do that. Guess what? The expanse of whom I help, it just increases tenfold! If I can help just 10 business owners every day to connect with more people to share more great information, I'm going to reach so many more families! And that to me is exciting!! It really is.

What Are You In This Business For?

That's what I'm in it for. What are you in it for? Are you ready to take the next step in your business?

At Least Dip Your Toes In. Get Wet.

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