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3 Online Marketing Strategies to Make You The Expert

In the world of e-commerce, everything changes in the blink of an eye. One moment your consumers are on Snapchat; the other, they are swooning over live podcasts. Instead of excavating which digital media platform is en vogue, focus on building and working on your online marketing strategy.

The digital marketing strategy you choose will be the stepping stone to success for your business. In today’s day and age, choosing an expert online marketing strategy requires knowing your customer. The new-age consumer does not like to be festered—they should come to you naturally. This is why we will focus on inbound marketing that aims to reach potential customers without interruptive content.

Here are the 3 online marketing strategies to make you an expert in digital media.

1. Audio and Video Marketing

In recent years, customers have demanded some form of engagement before trusting brands. Gone are the days when a consumer would see a planned ad and decide to buy your product, avail of your service and so on. Now, consumers want to know who is running the show. In essence, you have to put yourself out there to be relatable and familiar enough to attract a large base of new age digital consumers.

Thanks to digital media, there is a lot of scope for audio and video marketing. See, no one wants you to throw your product in their face. They want to know the back-story—who is behind the business? What is the business’s vision? There are several ways to do that.


Podcasts are a versatile and engaging way to market your business, which is why many marketers are actively using them. Today’s business owners don’t want to waste their advertising budget where it’s not required. This is why podcasts come in handy, as they are able to reach your niche.

When consumers trust a podcast host, they would be more influenced, taking them farther in the marketing/sales funnel.

We tell all marketers that there’s no time like the present when it comes to podcasts. As of now, there are about 80 million Facebook pages compared to only 70,000 podcasts. The competition is not yet so high so get the ball rolling as soon as possible!


Web conferencing, in light of COVID-19 and the rising effectiveness of video marketing, creates a foolproof online marketing strategy for marketers out there. If you thought webinars were just an additional element to your existing marketing strategy, think again.

People primarily use the internet to search and find information—and what are webinars? They are a type of educational and informative content proven to retain the viewers’ attention. Yes, 40% of viewers tend to watch a webinar from start to finish. This gives you ample time to raise a problem and market your product or service as the solution. This organic, not ‘out there’ marketing will work much better on the aware and informed customers of today.

Video Shows

The vision is our most powerful sense, so it only makes sense to appeal to that when marketing your brand. When you talk about online marketing, you want to showcase your product or service in a way for it to really create that ‘I need this’ feeling in the consumer’s mind.

Research backs this assertion by showing videos build trust and can engage even the laziest of buyers. Hence, it is really no surprise that 64% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product after watching a relevant video. Fortunately, there are many ways to create your own video: customer testimonials build credibility, product demonstration videos create a need, and company culture videos create a reliable and inviting reputation for your brand as a whole.

2. Content Marketing

No matter how much things change, SEO still remains at the forefront of online marketing. Research shows that SEO is still very much relevant in 2021, so you cannot ignore this digital marketing strategy if you want to make it big. Organic traffic makes up about 53.3% of traffic to your website, leaving paid and social traffic far, far behind. So how can you leverage SEO to market your business?

Blogs and Articles

There is a whopping 4 billion people on the internet today, so there’s literally no time like the present to incorporate blogging into your online marketing strategy. We would recommend blogging to brands because it provides a goldmine of benefits for businesses. Not only does it market your products and services, but it also builds credibility, which is imperative for the new age consumer.

Simply put, every blog that you post is an indexed page that increases your chance to show up on the SERP and drive organic traffic towards your site—just make sure you add a lead-generating call to action (CTA). Blogs are multipurpose in that they also allude to social media marketing. Every time someone likes your blog, they can share it on their social media handles like Facebook and Pinterest, increasing exposure for your business. A huge win if you ask us! And you don't have to do it yourself! Check out our ghost writing services at the bottom of this blog. :-)

3. Follow-Up Marketing

Now, don’t get us wrong. This isn’t intrusive like we claimed earlier because you’re not just going after ANY consumer—you’re going after those who:

(i) Left somewhere in the middle of the sales funnel

(ii) Made a purchase

(iii) Browsed your page

The smart way to go about this is to jump on your chance at perhaps changing their mind about making a purchase at the very last minute. This consumer might have visited your page and a couple of others who have similar products. This is your chance to make a move because 78% of customers would be more likely to buy from the business that responds or reaches out to them first.

So how do you do that?

Emails vs. Text

Sending in a message or mail will refresh your brand in the mind of the consumer. But you have to play this strategically. Email marketing is effective, but bear in mind that 20% of emails are opened and 98% of text messages are opened.

So the goal is to touch different points of contact to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, timing is key! Monday is a busy day, so try Thursday when you want to schedule a follow-up email or call.


Asking for referrals is a follow-up tactic that will allow you to bag other customers, as well as make the existing ones feel that their opinion is valued. Use a uniform template (via email or text) to maintain professionalism. With referrals from real customers, you can easily increase your brand’s credibility and reliability for prospective customers.

Final Word

The e-commerce world has made things simpler, like allowing you to reach a larger consumer base, but this comes with the bane of increased competition. Drafting a solid online marketing strategy that is proven to increase conversions is the only way for you to become a pro at marketing in the new day and age. Amalgamate the three online marketing strategies to create a symbiotic relationship to increase revenue for your business.

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