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3 Reasons You Need to Have an Online Newsletter

If you are reluctant to start a newsletter, you are not alone. People may not enjoy doing it, or think they have the time. But you can get someone else to write it for you.

A newsletter reaches people in ways that other marketing platforms don’t. And it is actually easier to set up an online newsletter than you might think. With people checking their email from multiple devices, you are sure to get their attention.

Here are three good reasons to start an online newsletter.

Online Newsletters

You should always consider all forms of free advertising, anyhow. A newsletter is a good one.

1. Boost Sales

Isn’t that the entire reason you market, anyhow? You can let people know about a new product or service . And remind people of services you have to offer.

A newsletter can be short and to the point. You can post it on your website and other social media platforms. It will increase traffic to your website. People will also forward it to people they know who could use your service.

That is a great way to increase sales. Even people on your mailing list who have not done business with you will still be informed. It is a good way to let people know about services in a non-invasive way.

But it is important to remember that you goal is not just to sell your services. Your newsletter should offer value. Articles and information that is informative and helpful will go a long way to build your relationship with your audience.

You can include links to your website site. If you are introducing a new product or service, show them with photos or videos. How-to videos are very popular, and it helps people understand what you are selling.

Direct people to your website with teasers of ‘more’. They will click on the link to find out what they might be missing. From there, they will take a moment and look around.

Also, posting your newsletter on your website can boost your SEO standing for engine searches. As will the boost in traffic that is going to be heading there, as well.

2. Connect with Your Customers

An email newsletter can be a nice way to stay in touch with people. They may see your email in their mailbox and leave it for the moment. But, later on, when they have time, they will look through it.

You also have a captive audience. People are on their phones a lot. Capture them while they are waiting in traffic, riding transit, or on their lunch break. If they are already familiar with your service they will read your newsletter.

You can also time your emails to send out your newsletter at a specific time and day. Not that everyone will see them when you send them. Online newsletter platforms like MailChimp, ConvertKit and Constant Contact will offer you a ton of analytics.

This will allow you to see when and how often people check their email. That means you can make adjustments to find what will work best.

You can also make sure that the newsletter is focused on the customer, not yourself. Yes, you are making offers or providing information. But you need to consider what they might need and offer a solution. Furthermore, post articles from reputable websites in your industry. This will place you as a leader in your field.

You can also provide links to the causes that your company supports. This lets people know you care about your community.

3. Creates Credibility

Every time you send your newsletter, you are reminding people you are the expert in this area. You don’t need to boast, just be honest.

You can tell the story of the company. They want to know about you and the company. People like to hear how and why you started your business. As a care professional you probably have a strong personal reason you do what you do.

You can share your company values. It provides knowledge and insight into the company. That helps to build trust. It can be inspiring for others to want to support your business.

Take people behind the scenes. Introduce them to everyone who works there. Let them meet the entire team. People just like them. Everyone from the CEO to the cashier and everyone in between. Even if everyone there is just you.

Showing people where it all started and where it all happens is important. It is like letting them in on a secret.

Newsletters Work for You

If you get in the habit of sending a newsletter, you will see a difference in sales and website traffic. It is one of the easiest ways to market your business. It keeps people engaged and informed.

If you don’t have the time, consider having your marketing team send it. Or you can hire us to produce and send your newsletter. It is a very useful tool that you can use in many different ways. Let the newsletter do your marketing for you.

Talk to Kathryn about "Done for You" newsletters. Email

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