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5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have A Newsletter

Its common knowledge that constant communication is essential for a great relationship, whether in business or real life. However, in this age and era, small businesses neglect tried and tested platforms for social media to keep in touch with clients. As a result, they forget that mediums like emails have continued to deliver tremendous results since their inception.

Email newsletters can do things that no other platform can do for your small enterprise. If you're still tongue-twisted on whether investing in a newsletter is worthwhile, this write-up will help you see how your budding business can benefit from them.

1. A Newsletter is a Significant Driver of Sales

When a person decides to give you their emails, it means that they are weighing out options and are open to buying your products. However, such customers need a little nudge to make them take action. Sometimes a small thing such as a call to action, a coupon, or a unique promo, such as giving subscribers early access to sales, is all it takes to push the client to make that buying decision.

The most substantial reason why email marketing is so effective is the fact that it’s the first thing that people check when they wake up. And once a prospective customer views your email, you have the chance to tell them about your product, from its benefits to why you think it will help them and where they can find it.

2. There is No Better Medium to Build Trust and Create Meaningful Relationships with Prospects

Newsletters are no longer meaningless statements that only spam prospects inboxes – at least those that are carefully and thoughtfully crafted. Instead, they have become an intimate and personal way for businesses to reach out to prospective clients and provide them with relevant and personalized information. Effective email newsletters help small businesses forge a one-on-one relationship with potential customers.

Therefore, by leveraging newsletters, small enterprises can keep their brand in front of people and get them to know their output personally. And since these emails are sent either weekly or monthly, they help businesses build trust with prospects. They help establish some connection that is hard to come by when using other methods.

3. Emails are Easy to Create and Relatively Affordable

One of the most significant problems that start-ups face is the lack of adequate finances. Therefore, they are always looking for relatively affordable and less complex ways to get their products in front of potential customers. Email newsletters allow small businesses to market their product/services without having to break the bank.

Moreover, email marketing campaigns are easier to create than you think.

Atop the affordability and simplicity, email newsletters also boast a high ROI. Research by Experian found that every $1 spent on email marketing attracts an estimated return of $45 to $50. Therefore, newsletters are not only easy and cheap to build but also allow you to market your products without spending a fortune.

4. Email Still Remains the Most Used Form of Electronic Media.

The ultimate goal of any business is to reach out to as many customers as possible. Despite the emergence and growth of various mobile messengers and chat apps, email tops the list with more than 4 billion active users, followed closely by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Therefore, any small business that wants to create a massive loyal following should take advantage of newsletters.

Add to the fact that up to 71% of consumers first peruse through their emails when they go online, and 66% check their emails multiple times a day, you can clearly see how valuable email newsletters can be to your business. When your business is still young, taking advantage of these numbers can set up your enterprise for future success.

5. You Can Boost Your Website and Social Media Following.

It’s relatively easy to ask prospects and customers to visit your website and follow your social media handles with newsletters. According to the Salesforce blog, emails with social sharing buttons provide up to 158% click-through rate, and up to 82% of clients will always check out emails from companies.

Social media channels have become an integral element in the formulation of marketing and growth strategies. And since newsletters are a ready platform that small businesses can leverage to get followers, the most prudent thing they should do is to seize the opportunity. An email newsletter can also play an active role in ensuring that customers gravitate to your site, browse your content, and even make some purchases. You just need to provide a solid call to action and provide a link to your website.

Final Verdict,

Now that you understand how beneficial newsletters can be to your small business, what are you waiting for? Create your newsletter today and see real advantages. Undoubtedly, sending out newsletters is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful relationships with customers, elevate your brand's reputation, and market your product/services. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many resources as this form of marketing is relatively inexpensive.

Discover how to get a "Done For You" newsletter sent to your database weekly or once a month.

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