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A Blog- 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs One

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Running a small business means you need to utilize all the tricks of the trade to succeed. A blog connected to your business has plenty of benefits for growing your business.

A strong presence on the internet is a business necessity. Your blog can help you do that. Here are a few ways a blog can help your small business.

10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Your blog needs to be informative, consistent, and relevant to your company.

1. Increase Your Search Engine Standing

A blog with certain keywords means that when someone searches for a particular product or service, your website will move closer to the top. The more people who click on your website means more traffic and that will also send your website further up the search engine ladder.

It’s all about the search engine standings. The blog will help move you along faster than a lot of other marketing tools and it doesn’t cost anything to do it.

2. Reach More People

A blog is a versatile marketing tool. You can post it on your website, send it out in an email, and post it to all your other social media platforms. People will see it and share it with people they know who are also looking for your service.

Even people who may not be looking for your service right now likely know someone who is. They can share your blog with them and that will increase your customer base.

3. Sound Like an Expert

No one knows your business as well as you do. When you provide useful, informative content in your blog, you become the expert. People will believe you because there it is, in your blog.

This is particularly helpful if your business is quite unique. You can write about it, what it does, how it works, and why people need to have it in their lives.

4. Introduce New Services

When you expend or start to provide a new service, putting it in your blog will allow your customers and potential new customers that it exists. It’s fast and free to let everyone know about your new service and they will know as soon as it’s ready.

5. Show People Your Business

Your blog allows you to include pictures of what your business is and does. People like to see what it is they are getting, so include up-to-date pictures and let them see your goods. People are far more likely to look at pictures than reading text.

6. Blogs Are Dynamic and Interactive

Videos sell. You can include a video in your blog about anything you want. A how-to demonstration of how your service works, customer testimonials or introduce new services.

Again, people will watch a video before they read some text. You can get a lot of information into a short video. Introduce yourself, let them see you and your team, if there is one and reach more people.

A well-done video has the potential to travel a long way. People will share a video with friends, post it on their own sites and watch it several times over.

7. Make Connections

By posting your blog regularly, you will grow regular readers. People are allowed to comment and share your information. When people comment or ask questions, you are able to engage with them.

That makes people happy. Even if they came in to complain, engaging with them lets them know they were heard. It means a lot to people on the internet to be heard.

8. A Blog Shows the Personality of Your brand

Your blog is very unique to you and your business. It makes you unique, too. You can personalize your blog to make yourself seem like a person, rather than an entity. People support people.

You can have your picture there, pictures of your business, and your team. It makes you seem more real and more like the people who will hire your service.

9. Get Creative

Your blog is the perfect place to make your business sound fantastic. You can use humor, pictures, drawings, maps, and anything else that you like. Your business might be one of those things we all need but it doesn’t excite us. Go on, excite us.

10. Your Blog Gives You Free Advertising

While providing useful information, you are still promoting and advertising your business. You are just doing it in a way that helps people learn about your business without blatantly selling to them.

The blog costs nothing to write and post so that gives it a very high return rate. People see it, they see your website, they follow you on social media, they come in and hire your services.

A blog is a vital part of your business, so if you are not using one, you better get started. Reach more people, enjoy the process, and get posting!

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