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Blogs and Videos- Effectively Marketing Your Business

If you have a small business and you’re just starting out, you may have heard it’s possible to gain credibility and connect with potential buyers by making more videos and writing blogs.

This is an excellent tactic that requires effort on your part since you likely want to personalize your business at the beginning until it starts to gain traction.

However, small businesses may choose to outsource their blogging to a third party, and this often works but is not optimal in many cases since you are the only one who knows what your mission is at the beginning and what needs your services or products will fill in the market.

Let’s explore some details of marketing your business effectively through blogging and making videos.

The Benefits of Blogging For Your Small Business

One of the major reasons why blogs are so effective at marketing businesses is due to their impact on driving website traffic, which is cheaper than constantly running ads in various global locations.

Since your business is new, people don't know its name, so they cannot search for it on Google, making it important for you to target your audience through blogging since you will likely speak about the topics of interest relating to your products and services.

Your website typically has a few pages and is not regularly updated, making it difficult for it to appear on the search engine results page (SERP), which is why regularly writing and uploading blogs solves this problem.

Search engines reward regular website activity and make it possible for your business to appear on the results page, allowing others to find your business.

Another advantage of writing blogs every day is they can be chopped up for social media and shared on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, meaning that one 1000-word expertly written article or blog can be made into several social media posts.

This increases your social media presence and engages your audience, slowly building your credibility and attracting more attention to your small business.

However, you should remember that you need to upload smaller and more captivating posts on your social media since people on Instagram and other platforms are often looking for smaller pieces of information instead of 300-word captions.

Experimentation is key, and you need to be fully involved in the process. This is easier at the beginning but requires discipline at later stages, especially when you lose some of your creative spark, and it's no longer about passion or artistic expression but rather about discipline and getting the work done daily, regardless of how you feel about it.

Blogs can also convert random traffic into hot leads, meaning that if people enjoy your content and want to know more about what you do, the call to action (CTA) on your website can prompt them to submit their personal details, allow them to download a free document, or sign up for free value, which is a marketing tactic.

If you're familiar with the law of abundance and giving, new-age marketing suggests that as long as you prioritize giving free value, you will get something back.

It’s not about seeing people merely as customers but rather trying to make a difference in their lives, especially if you’re an expert on the matter and have a particular skill set or deep knowledge you wish to impart.

This mainly depends on your business structure and what you’re offering but uploading regular blogs on your website can attract visitors to download free material while inputting their personal details.

If you have a sales team or have created scripts for emails, you can begin creating email flows based on sales funnels, allowing you to market your business, products, and services more effectively.

Why Making Videos is Advantageous For Businesses?

There is no doubt that a one-to-one connection with your audience is key in generating interest for your business mission since people find it easier to connect with individuals rather than brands or personas.

If you’ve never made a video of yourself speaking to the camera, it can feel a little daunting since nobody wants to come across as awkward or unprofessional, especially in the public eye.

Practice makes perfect, and all YouTube vloggers will tell you that they started out in a similar place and slowly became better at being confident in front of the camera and receiving critical feedback.

Depending on your business type, you may not even need to be in the video yourself and may just be creating advertisements, visuals, commentaries, and other video types.

These can be more engaging than blogs because not everyone on the Internet is interested in reading 500- or 1000-word articles and prefer a more audio and visual approach to content consumption.

This means you will see the best marketing results for your business by combining both blogs and videos as regular and semi-regular content, resulting in more traffic, leads, subscriptions, and repeat customers.

An example of a Youtuber who became very successful in a few years is Aaron Doughty, who began by creating videos every day, such as 21-day meditation videos designed to alter deeply entrenched beliefs in our subconscious.

Since there was a huge market for self-help, many people began to show interest and eventually started buying his programs, resulting in his becoming successful.

Final Verdict

Blogs are an excellent way to generate more traffic toward your website since they provide information of some sort on a particular topic relating to your business, allowing people to see if it’s something useful for them.

Making videos goes well with blogging and maximizes your chances of effectively marketing your business, making it more likely for you to appear on search engines, attracting traffic, and converting leads.

This marketing process is fairly comprehensive and requires daily effort, experimentation, self-awareness, and continuity since businesses do not succeed overnight, and you will have to stick to it before reaping the benefits.

If you’re already generating revenue, you can scale your business through blogs and videos.

If you've just started out, you can learn from the process and stick to it while learning each day based on the results you get.

Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be further along the way in marketing your business more effectively. Good Luck!

Want to Create a Winning Blog?

There are so many benefits of blogging for small businesses that it would be almost foolish to miss out on this amazing, not to mention free, opportunity. However, we aren’t talking about just any blog. Your blog and the content you churn out directly represent your business, so make sure it is high-quality. Small businesses should consider blogging services targeting SEO and engaging content that attracts users. Maintain a compelling blog to ensure your small business can hold its own without needing a very high marketing budget.

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Kathryn Watson has been a marketer for over 30 years. In the last 12 years, she switched to digital marketing as her primary way to attract new clients and continue to keep in close contact with her existing contacts.

Through the years she has discovered resources and tools that work and make her job a lot easier. Now Kathryn is sharing them with you.

Need help creating videos? Give me a call 281-827-7090 or email

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