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Delegating- Your Small Business Can’t Grow Without it

Too many of us try to wear all the hats. It’s impossible. We think that the only way to get the job done correctly is to do it ourselves. But you can’t run a successful business that way.

In the beginning, it likely was just you, working from your garage or your car. It’s easy to understand that people get very used to doing everything But as the business grows, you will need help.

It’s better to free up your time to do the tasks you are best at. You started the company to grow and be successful, but it won’t if you don’t allow it to. You are no good to the company or your customers if you are too tired or too busy.

Learn To Delegate

We all have parts of our jobs and our daily routines that we don’t like. We can’t always get someone to do them for us, but as a small business owner, you can.

If you try to do too much, you can suffer from burnout. It’s too stressful to try and do everything all the time, so don’t. It’s different when you first start out, but as the company grows, you need to let more people help you.

Prepare for Delegation

Chances are, you will only need one or two people to begin with. Take the tasks you least like and train someone else to do them. Train them to the job the way you want, then you can leave it to them. Or consider outsourcing some of the work that need to be done.

Find the jobs that stress you out the most, take up too much of your time, and the ones that worry you the most. Show an employee exactly how you want it done, then you can go do what you do best, run the business you built.

Set up a guideline for the way you want the jobs done, regardless of how easy they may seem. Then you will always have a road map for the way things should be and a reference for people when you are not there.

If managing employees is not something you want to do find a professional that you can outsource the work to.

Start Small

It will be difficult for you to let go of many of the tasks, so just start with the ones you feel you can. Ideally, the ones that you don’t enjoy and the ones that eat up too much of your time.

Take your time to train someone, and let them make mistakes, ask questions, and keep trying. You want them to do well and be successful at your business, so dedicate the time, one task at a time.

Pick The Right People

When you first started out, you may have had your mom or your brother-in-law helping. But they shouldn’t be hired unless they are really good at the job.

Find people who are great at the particular tasks in mind, and train them to do it the way you want. Not everyone will be great at all jobs, so make sure you find people who are open to learning, have skills, and are able to grow with you.

Be a Mentor

Training someone to do a few jobs is great, but you want to train someone to be able to step in to your shoes, if needed. That way you can actually think about taking a personal day, a vacation, or even catching a cold.

If a person feels like they are part of the team, they are far more willing to do a great job and take a great deal of pride in their work. People are more than happy to do menial jobs when they feel like they are actually contributing to the business.

Go Virtual

You can get a lot done by using virtual services. Much of your administrative work can be done online. Not only do you get the work done for much less, there is a good chance you may be supporting someone else who is also running their own small business.

You can have your calls forwarded, mails and packages received, appointments booked, products packaged and shipped, and even take advantage of real office space for meetings, if you need to.

You can get a company to design and run your entire website and all your social media platforms. They can do all your newsletters, your email blasts, post pictures, content, and take orders.

These services are perfect for a small business. You only pay for the services you use, so if you only need it for one or two days a week, it’s much cheaper than paying someone to sit in an office every day.


It is ridiculous to think the business will thrive with just you driving. You need to trust your instincts, teach and mentor people to do the work, and then trust them to do it so you can go out and do what you do best.

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