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Have You Done A Mid Year Review? 2 Steps You Need To Take

Did you set your yearly goals in January?

Hopefully the answer is yes. But if it is No, it’s okay. You can start right now. There really is no better time than now.

And for those of you who did set goals when was the last time you looked at them?

Time to dust the off!

This has been a strange year.

Chances are the goals you set in January may need some adjusting. Your business may be growing way faster than you ever imagined due to COVID-19 or you may have taken a huge financial hit.

Either way, it is important that you re-group and re-focus.

The goal and benchmarks you set in January may need to be tweaked a bit. For instance, if you decided that this year you would participate in 6 senior conferences or trade shows, you may need to revise how that is going to happen.

Because in person events have been canceled and probably will for the rest of the year it’s time for a new plan. Likewise, you may have set a goal of hosting special events for social workers and other professionals. Again COVID-19 has stepped in to revise your plans.

Now is the time to bring more of your business online.

If you are busier than ever before. (I have heard this from a lot of marketers) now is the time to invest into a solid online marketing plan. Have you been meaning to start an online newsletter? Maybe you have thought about Re-Vamping your website or developing a strong presence on Facebook.

There is No Better Time Than Now!

And if your business has taken a huge hit. (you have lost clients) due to COVID-19 it is important to pivot with a new strategy.

There is No Better Time Than Now

Step 1

The first step is to get an analysis of your social media presence. When you know what is working and you know what areas on your online presence need work, you can create a plan.

Step 2

Do you have more time right now or more money? This will determine what type of action you need to take. If business is booming now is the time to take some of that extra cash and re-invest in your business. A thorough analysis of your social media presence will determine what services you need to invest in. Even though you may have a lot more money coming in you still need to be strategic.

If business has dropped off you may not have the money to hire someone to create content, manage your social media or create and send out your newsletter. But you probably have extra time on your hands.

Now is the time to invest in training programs.

Learn how to do a lot of the online marketing and content creation yourself. Then when business gets rolling again you can hire someone to take over those tasks. The great news is you will know what you should expect from the person you hire.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things. Some things may be changed forever. A savvy marketer or successful small business owner will see change as an opportunity to grow their business. These people will surpass their competition with their determination and innovation. My hope is that you will be in this group.

Social Media Consultation and Assessment

Let's take a look at your social media pages. I will do an in-depth assessment of your social media pages and your website.

We will connect via video-chat to look over everything and discuss changes that should be made and steps to take going forward.

You will get a full report and a video of our conversation. Your Investment $250

Email Kathryn Today to schedule your time.

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