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Make the Most Out of Your Podcast Interview

Congratulations! You've been invited to be a guest on a video show or podcast.

If you have been invited to be a guest on a Live or Pre-recorded video show or podcast there are a few things you should know.

This is free publicity for you and your business. Having someone interview you gives you an opportunity to shine. It adds to your credibility and can help enhance your business.

Unfortunately, so many people really drop the ball on this opportunity. Here is what you need to do.

1. Respect the Time of the Podcast Host or Organizer

It takes time to put together these programs. Make sure that you send the information requested in a timely manner. Nobody likes to keep hounding someone for their headshot, bio or other information.

In fact, you will probably not be invited back. And you may earn the reputation of someone who is hard to work with. That can cost you when it comes to getting referrals for your business.

2. Understand and Respect the Rules of the Podcast Program

Most podcasters and video show hosts are looking for guests to offer value to their listeners. And most will gladly help promote your business. However, know what is acceptable for you to talk about and what is not. Some guests have been known to turn an opportunity like this into a huge commercial for themselves. This will not only keep you from getting invited back but other opportunities will be lost. Show hosts and producers watch other shows to scout for guests.

3. Help Promote the Podcast or Video Show

You are being given a free platform to show off your expertise. Make this a win/win by helping your host promote the event. Share the content your host is posting on FB, LI, IG and Twitter. Also comment under their post and tell them how excited you are for this opportunity. Make sure when you share their information that you tag your host so they know you are a team player and are willing to help them promote.

After the show ask if you can have a copy to send in your email or to add to your website. This is a win/win. It helps both you and your host. All of these actions will earn you brownie points. After all, we all like it when people help us, don’t we? When you help me, I naturally want to help you more. That is just the way it works.

4. Be Prepared

There is nothing worse in the eyes of a host than a guest who is unprepared. Make sure you arrive on time. Read and follow any instructions that are sent to you. This is so important.

After all, your host/producer wants the program to go smoothly. And they have spend time preparing and marketing the show to help you get more listeners also.

You may be asked to wear a headset or earbuds.

Even though you may have not needed one on your zoom meetings the platform you will be using may be different.

Read, read, read all the information sent to you. And show that you know how to follow directions.

Make sure all updates have been done on your computer.

And check to ensure you have a strong internet connection. I use to check my speed. Make sure you do this from wherever you plan to record from. I look for upload speeds of at least 10. The download does not matter for livestream shows.

If you find you do not have a good connection look for an alternative location or try using your hotspot from your phone. Of course, this will only be an option if you have planned ahead of time. If you are just discovering a problem and the show is scheduled to start in a few minutes you will not have time. Likewise the quality of the show will be poor, your host will not invite you back and they probably will spend little energy promoting that show.

5. Try to Relax

I get that speaking publicly may be a bit unnerving for some of you. Try taking yourself out of the picture. Remember this is not about you. You are coming on the show to help others with your knowledge and expertise. If your host has been doing this a while, they should be able to put you at ease.

A lot of people tend to speak very fast when they are nervous. If this is you…slow down. Remind yourself to take a breath now and then. Be sure to give the host a chance to participate in the conversation.

Likewise, do not answer in one- or two-word answers. When the host asks a question, give an expanded answer. Don’t make them feel like they are pulling teeth to get a conversation out of you.

Tell A Story

Have some stories handy that illustrate what you are talking about. This will make the interview go smooth and stories help people to remember you.

I hope that you will make the most out of the opportunities presented to you. Being a guest can help you and your brand to be recognized as a more reputable person/company.

Kathryn Watson helps small to medium size business owners create online strategies to move their business goals forward. Kathryn can be hired as a coach or consultant and her company, Marketing Your Care offers many done for you services including video production, FB Posting, management and advertising, blog writing and newsletter creation.

Kathryn Watson has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners for 20 years. The owner of Marketing Your Care, Find Houston Senior Care, Senior- Conference

, Get More Clients, The Life After 50 Show, and Tuesday Tips For Marketing


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