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The #1 Action Step You Need To Do On Facebook"

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Are you new to Facebook marketing? Or perhaps you have been doing Facebook marketing but you are not sure if you are just spinning your wheels. Or perhaps,you may have been using Facebook before just with your friends and family. You may even be new to the whole Facebook experience.

And Facebook Marketing Can Seem Overwhelming

But now, because of COVID-19 pandemic, everything has flipped. Using Facebook to market your business is no longer an opportunity. It is a necessity! Everything has changed in the world of marketing. And a lot of you are not able to market in person like you used to. So you've got to look for new ways and new ideas and how to do things differently.

The Rules of Marketing Are Still The Same

Now, what do I mean by that?

You have always, if you're a good marketer, worked on relationships, haven't you? So Facebook or LinkedIn, or any of the other platforms out there are no different. It's still supposed to be about building relationships.

Don't Get Hung Up On The How- Focus on The Why

Every action you take needs to focus on the why. Why are you doing this particular action on Facebook? Let me help make it a little bit easier and show you what I'm talking about. This is the number one action that you need to be doing every day on Facebook.

I take this action 1st thing every morning while I have my coffee.

In fact, when I wake up in the morning after I've had my coffee, I grab my phone and I start doing this, OK? And then throughout the day, maybe a couple of times a day, I'll do it again.

If You're the Owner of a Facebook Page The Goal is to Get Engagement, Right?

Yes. You want to have some posts that stand out and get attention. You want to post videos. You want to post nice pictures. You want to share other people's information. You want to do all of that. But it's not just about posting.

It's About What Happens On That Page.

It is about engagement. So recently I put a post up in a group I own. The question: What do you miss most during this pandemic?

Obviously, that was a pretty popular question. And people began to reply. And as they did add, I jumped in and I replied back to them. I didn't just "like" what they said. I actually replied so that they would then reply back again.

That's Having A Conversation, Right?

Just like in person, you don't go up to somebody and say something and they go high five or woo! I love that and walk away. No, they usually have a conversation with you about the subject. So the key is to start having those conversations. And it doesn't have to be your group or your page. If you are a marketer for someone else you may not even have that option. You may not be able to post to your page. You can however make comments on the posts of your company page. But It is also important to go out there and go to other groups.Go to groups and other peoples pages.

Have Meaningful Conversations

OK, so that is really the best advice I can give you if you are in business, if you are marketing a business, you own a business. Get out there on a daily basis and really have meaningful conversations. Don't just say "good job". "Nice article." Two-word comments are pretty lame. They do not start conversation. Actually they stop it.

Put A Lot of Thought Into It.

Thoughtful comments will get you noticed

Sure it takes a few extra minutes but the payoff is worth it.Sometimes I almost write a book. I mean, maybe not that long, but sometimes it's a whole paragraph that I will type under someone's post. Think about what you're saying. Make sure it makes sense.

But the key is to start those conversations. I go into other groups often and I just kind of scroll through the group and find a post that either maybe I'm passionate about or I have something to say about it. Or maybe somebody is asking a question. Those are really great ones that I have an answer for. Or maybe I have a suggestion or maybe I know somebody who does have the answer or who can help them with their problem.

This Is A Great Opportunity Now For Me To Also Help Somebody Else.

Maybe a referral partner of mine. I can refer them to that person. So just like off line, don't think of it any differently. Online, off line. It's all the same. It's still about building relationships. It's still about reaching out and helping one another. You're in a care profession, right? You care about people. And chances are you're very passionate about what you do. So show that care, show that passion by going out, commenting, and helping other people.

Another Bonus You Will Get When You Do This

And I'll tell you what happens when you do. A really nice thing happens for that person whose post you comment at on. Facebook takes notice. The algorithms pick up, "oh, people are talking about this post. They're having conversation". I think we should show it to more people.

So Facebook maybe originally would have only shown it to fifteen or twenty people. Now they're showing it to hundreds of people. That's a big difference and can really help someone else's business. And really help your business if you get more engagement on your page.

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