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3 Key Ingredients of a Good Digital Marketing Plan for A Small Business?

Small Business’s are the heart blood of America.

6.5 million businesses start up each year. But many do not survive. In fact, over 50% fail by the second year in business. And marketing alone accounts for 22% of that failure rate.

Let’s face it, most people do not start a new business because they love to market. In fact, small business owners in the healthcare, eldercare and self-care markets are usually in business because they want to help people with their specialty. These people are passionate about the service they provide.

Networking and Word of Mouth Marketing

Furthermore, many feel that word of mouth is all they need. They mistakenly believe that their friends and family will spread the word and happy clients will continue to tell others also. But the truth is, while your friends, family and clients want to help you they get busy with their own lives. As such, this should not be your marketing plan.

Yes! Word of mouth is the best marketing. People who find you because someone they know referred you will almost always purchase your services. But you need to nurture those referral partners.

Three Steps to Nurture Your Referral Partners

Staying on the top of their mind is the key to getting more referrals. So how do you do that on a small business budget? The great news is in this digital age it is so much easier and cost effective than it was before. If you are running a small service related business the following 3 steps will help you stay top of mind with friends, family, business acquaintances, prospects and clients.

#1 Don’t Ignore Facebook

Whatever your personal opinions about Facebook are doesn’t matter. The truth is this is the # 1 social media platform. And chances are your clients, prospects and others who may refer you are there hanging out. You need a Facebook business page and you need to post regularly.

You basically have two choices.

You can take an online class and learn how to market on Facebook or you can hire someone to do it for you. Make sure if you hire someone, they are a professional who has at least a few years of experience. They should also know something about your type of business and who your target market is. Outsourcing this service is a smart idea. Read 6 Reasons To Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

#2 Start an Online Newsletter

Online newsletters are great! Small businesses used to have to write, print, fold, stamp and mail newsletters to clients and prospects. Now you can easily send a newsletter with the click of a button at a fraction of the cost.

In fact a small business getting started can write their own and send to up to 2000 people free with Mail Chimp You can also hire someone to create and send your newsletter. This can be done in house with one of your employees or outsourced. It all comes down to whether you have more money or more time. You may start out doing it yourself and as your business grows you can hire someone to take over that task.

#3 Start a Blog or a Video Show

If you want to be known as the expert in your field, you may need to step out of your comfort zone. A blog on your website helps people to know what you know. It is one of the best ways to educate the public about your service and about related services they may be interested in. The good news is you may not have to write it yourself. You can hire a blog writer to take care of this task for you.

Video Shows are “Hot Right Now” and viewership is expected to increase. With the right video production app doing a video program is a snap. Use this link to get $10 off when you sign up to use Streamyard. This is one of the easiest apps to use. There is even a free version so you can try it out first.

Learn how to produce a professional video show with these simple steps. 5 Steps to Go Live on Facebook (and YouTube and LinkedIn)

These 3 steps will help you get noticed and will keep you on the top of the minds of people who can refer other people to your business. Let’s face it, everyone is busy these days. Making sure that people remember you for the expert you are will keep those referrals coming in. That will keep your business running so you can help more people.

Social Media Consultation and Assessment

Let's take a look at your social media pages. I will do an in-depth assessment of your social media pages and your website.

We will connect via video-chat to look over everything and discuss changes that should be made and steps to take going forward.

You will get a full report and a video of our conversation. Your Investment $250

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