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You Need An Online Newsletter- Here are 3 Reasons Why

An online newsletter is a must-have for any type of business, regardless of what you do or the size of your business. These newsletters are not just a useful way to share information, but they keep people in touch.

In particular, during a time where people are not able to visit companies or organizations in person, they still feel like they are on top of what is happening with you.

Why You Should Have an Online Newsletter

It doesn’t matter what your business is, your base wants to know what is going on.

1. Stay Connected

If people are not able to visit your establishment, you still want them to know what is going on. You can let them know about any events that are coming up, any new items or products that you have, and anything else they should know about.

People want to know what is going on and they like to be remembered by you, as well. They don’t want them every day, but they do like to hear from you. Once a month should be fine unless something important comes up.

Anything else that you want to let people know about can be done through your newsletter. These newsletters can go out in an email, but you can also post them on your website and links to them on your other social media platforms.

The newsletter can contain a lot more information than you can get on other platforms. Let people know what is going on and let them read it at their leisure.

It’s perfect for all your customer base, as well. For those who you see or hear from regularly, and those who may not have been in touch for some time. It’s a great way to give people a friendly reminder and provide information.

2. Promotion

Newsletters allow you to promote things that you want people to know about. You can add links to other things, like giveaways, information, and connect them to other like-minded businesses.

You may have a fundraiser coming up or an auction. There may be changes coming up to the way the business is being run, new personnel, a change in hours, or new items for sale or use.

It keeps you in your customer’s mind. It allows you to add a personal touch, like your customer’s name, and it can reach as many people that are on your list.

Let people know first what is coming up, or about to happen. They get to see what is going on, learn about what is coming up, and they can hang on to the newsletter to remind them about something they may want to attend or buy.

3. Bigger Reach

Your newsletter has the potential to reach so many more people. If you add links to it via your other social media sites, send it as an email, and add it to your website, then you increase your reach and potential clients.

You can’t get as much information in your Twitter posts, or other platforms, but people can link to it. That way they have the option to forward it on to other people they know who might also be interested in following you or joining up.

Additionally, You never know what could happen to one of your social media accounts. You could end up losing all of the contacts you have worked so hard to gain. An online newsletter means you have control over your contacts.

It’s also much cheaper and cost-effective than other ways of promotion. You can’t be guaranteed that people will read a paper newsletter or brochure. Plus paper is way more expensive and you have little control over the final product.

An email newsletter or link to your newsletter on your website can potentially reach millions of people. You never know who will share it and if you have links to other sites, then people on those sites can see links back to yours.

Online Newsletters

An online newsletter allows you to provide your customers and potential customers with great information. Let them stay in touch, add links to new products or services, and keep them coming back to your website.

You can also add pictures, videos, and so much more information. Plus, if you have fun making them and get creative, then your customers will recognize that. Give them a little extra and they will appreciate it.

Kathryn Watson helps small to medium size business owners create online strategies to move their business goals forward. Kathryn can be hired as a coach or consultant and her company, Marketing Your Care offers many done for you services including video production, FB Posting, management and advertising, blog writing and newsletter creation.

Kathryn Watson has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners for 20 years. The owner of Marketing Your Care, Find Houston Senior Care, Senior- Conference, Get More Clients, The Life After 50 Show, and Tuesday Tips For Marketing

Kathryn Watson has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners for 20 years. The owner of Marketing Your Care, Find Houston Senior Care, Senior- Conference

, Get More Clients, The Life After 50 Show, and Tuesday Tips For Marketing

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