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Not Enough Time In The Day For Facebook Marketing?

Here is what you really need to know.

Today I want to talk about time.

Whenever I talk to business owners, time always comes up as one of the issues that seems to keep them from doing Facebook Marketing. And I'm here to tell you that done the right way with the right tools in place ,Facebook Marketing will not steal your time.

Facebook will save you tons of time.

So a lot of people are under the impression that you get on Facebook and you just get down go down a lot of rabbit holes. And that does happen. That can easily happen! And you end up wasting a lot of time and that's frustrating to the business owner.

This is the Key To Using Facebook Marketing

Or with any type of marketing that you do. You've got to have a strategy. Just jumping on Facebook and posting stuff is not a valuable use of your time.

What you want to do is take a couple of classes to learn how to create a strategy. With a good strategy you will be managing your time better.

What Can You Do?

So let's talk about a few ways you can do that. So the first thing that I suggest is set aside a particular time of day. That you're going to engage on Facebook and do not allow yourself to go there any other time. Just really be specific about this.

Its gonna be hard at first especially if you're one of those people who is used to constantly checking your Facebook. Make sure that you designate a certain time. Maybe every day at. 8 o'clock in the morning or at six o'clock in the morning or at 10:00 at night. Or whatever time works for you. But have a set time that you're going to go on and take care of your Facebook business.

#2 Go to Facebook With a Clear Plan in Place.

You've got to have some regular posts going up on your page throughout the week. Right. So have those posts created ahead of time. Use some great tools. There's a lot of great tools like Canva. It helps you to create beautiful professional looking posts without being a graphic artist. I love Canva.

In fact I teach a class on on how to use Canva. There's also Promo Republic is another good one. Some of these you can get free. And then schedule a time maybe once a week you're going to go in and schedule all of your posts.

Did You Know You Could Do That?

You can schedule your posts ahead of time. OK. So you go to your page. And you put up your post just like you normally would but instead of clicking the Publish button, you're going to click that little down arrow. That's right. Then you get to pick when you want it to go out.

What Time of Day Should You Post?

Now there's a lot of talk about when is the best time to make your Facebook posts and. You know the truth is I think you're going to have to play with your audience.

Most of the studies out there say that between the middle of the day usually around lunchtime to 2:00 is a really good time to post. They're also saying Not on the weekends. I don't find that to be the case. You're marketing to the children of aging parents. So they will often be very busy during the day. They're working and they're taking care of their own family.

Consider Evenings and Weekends

They may only have the evening to engage on Facebook. So you're going to want to try different times. And just see when you seem to get the most response.

I Like to Post Pretty Much All Times.

When you put good information out there, people began to know like and trust you from the Post that they see you put up.

What You Need To Know About Sharing

So if you're going to share or post. Don't share something from some big national company like A Place for Mom or Those are great companies and they have some great blogs.

Help Your Local Businesses

But there are some local business owners that have great blogs too. So get together and find out who is in your network. Which business owners may be there. Maybe you're a home care company and there's a hospice company that Posts really good blogs. Maybe there's an assisted living facility that posts some really good blogs in your neighborhood. Maybe there's an elder law attorney. Share their blog. Share Local. The business will come back to you when you do. People like to help people who help them.

Okay so we've scheduled the time that we're going to be on Facebook. We scheduled our post ahead of time and that saves a lot of time. I usually go in and often schedule a whole month at a time when I don't have to worry about it.

The Posting is Done. Isn't That What Facebook is About?

That's what a lot of people ask me. No! it's not about posting. Posting it's just a small part of Facebook. Facebook is about engaging. It's about connecting with others and spending time.

Tip# 3 Make a List.

Of about 10 clients that you want to stay in contact with on Facebook. If it's a business or maybe it's a referral partner you want to connect with them personally and with their business page. If it's just an individual. You're going to want to just connect with them personally.

Now You Have To "Work" the List

Then once a week. And you're going to go to each one of those pages on that list. You're going to like, share or comment. Every single week. Why. Because that's what's going to help you stand out and get noticed. Now you're going to make that comment as your business. OK. So make sure that you change over from your personal to your business. When you do that. When you make a comment your logo's going to show up.

And your business name is going to show up and hopefully you've put up a thoughtful comment that makes sense about their post. The second thing it's going to do is it's going to make them stand up and take notice. Wow. She's always sharing my information and commenting on what I'm posting. I think I'll go over to her page and see what she has.

That's How it Works.

We work together and we help one another. It's no different online than it is off line. And I know all of you know how to do this off line. I've gone to networking events numerous times in this industry. And you're all doing it.

Tip #4 Combine Your Outside Networking With Your Online Networking

When you go to a networking event and you meet people. Go back to your Facebook page. Schedule a time that you're going to do this each week. Maybe Wednesday afternoons you're going to go through all the business cards you've collected for the week. And you're going to make sure you're connected to all of them. Maybe you even send them a private message saying Hey it was really nice to meet you at the X Y Z networking group. Maybe we can have coffee sometime.

And That's How Facebook Will Save You Time

That's how it works and that's how you end up saving time because. Let's face it. You can only go to so many networking meetings in a day. And after a while you start seeing the same people over and over and over again. With Facebook. You can keep connected to these people without spending three hours driving to attending and driving back from a networking event.

I'm Not Saying Stop Going.

You absolutely want to still keep out there. It is important to keep your face out in public. But you also want to have a presence online. Because when you do you'll become bigger than life. People will start noticing you. They see you at an event and they see you online. You seem to be everywhere. That's how it works. So. Take the time. To learn how to use Facebook properly.

Here is How to Get Started

I have organized everything into a simple step by step program for the business owners who want true success. Instead of hunting and pecking for the information you need to grow your business, you are ready to jump in and move your business forward.

Facebook Marketing Made Simple.

A Digital Course Created For Heart Centered professionals Like You!

Lifetime access!

Available to you online 24/7

Step by step instruction so you know what to do and when to do it.

"I help clients save time and end their frustration with social media." Kathryn

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