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Is Analysis Paralysis Killing Your Business?

Are You A Perfectionist?

If you are a small business owner. Or an entrepreneur and you're trying to get your business going. There is one thing that will stop you in your tracks. And that is "Analysis Paralysis"

Yes you want things to look a certain way and you want things to be done right. But when you began to get into what I call analysis paralysis, you will ruin your business. Your business will go down hill.

Small Business Owners Must Be Able To Make Decisions

One of the things about small businesses and small business owners is you've got to move fast fast fast. Life isn't going to stop for you and wait for you to make a decision. Gone are the days of corporate where everything had to go up the ladder.

You Are the Ladder.

You are the top. So you just got to make a decision. And if it doesn't work you change course. You cannot be constantly analyzing everything to death.

Make a Bunch of Crazy Decisions?

I'm not saying just make a bunch of crazy decisions without any thought at all. Yes. You do want to do your research.And you do want to look at the facts and figures about a certain situation.

But you've also got to learn how to go with your gut because that is what will drive your business. So. Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis. I've seen too many business owners do that and their business just went down the tubes were really bad.

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