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How To Claim Your Unique Facebook Page URL

Claim your unique URL for your Home care or Senior care Facebook page. Discover why this is important and how to do it. Let's face it you need to use all of the tools and tips to market your business.

Facebook is key to market your home care or eldercare business. Your target audience spends about 45 minutes a day hanging out on Facebook. Make sure they can find your business.

Let's Get More Visibility

That's what we all want, right? We want more visibility for our business. So today Handle Your Care had made a nice comment and they shared one of my videos on my Find Houston Senior Care Facebook page

They Helped Me and I Wanted To Help Them

And I appreciated that. So I wanted to make a comment back to them with a tag back to their page.That way other people could go to their page.

But It Didn't Work

But when I tried to tag them, I wasn't able to. And it was kind of frustrating. So I started looking into why I couldn't tag them and this is what I discovered.

Watch the video up above to discover what went wrong and how to make it work better. After all, this simple tweak could mean the difference in getting a new client or not.

"I help clients save time and end their frustration with social media." Kathryn

Helping you to combine your passion for helping seniors with an online marketing process that really works. Join my Facebook Marketing Group for Senior Care Professionals.

Get a Full Assessment of Your Website and Facebook Marketing.

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