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Are You Missing Opportunities on Facebook?

I don't think you want to miss even one opportunity, do you? This video explains how a little piece of Facebook Real Estate is often overlooked. And it will not cost you a thing to claim it! Let me show you where it is and how to claim it.

Claim Your Facebook Real Estate Today

So today I want to talk about a missing piece of Facebook real estate. A very important piece of Facebook real estate that I think a lot of you have forgotten about. Or maybe you just didn't know about it. Perhaps you didn't realize how important it could be.

Every time someone asks to join the group I always look at their personal profile. Sometimes they don't answer the questions fully.

Where is Your Business?

I want to see what the name of their business is. But when I get there I'm shocked. They have absolutely nothing to help me. They don't have anything about their business.

If you are in business or you are marketing a business you need to have that on your on your personal profile too. And I'm going to show you where. There's a specific place to put this.

Look at the left hand corner of your personal profile page. That is the real estate that I'm talking about. So there's an area for introduction. You should always always, always, always talk about something to do with your business.

I Know This Is Your Personal Page

You can say that you're married and you have kids and you know you can say whatever you want. Personally on there. But don't forget your business. After all you're in business, right?

Don't Forget You Are In Business

So you've got to think that way .Then right below that area is the place where you can actually put links to your business. Your Facebook business page links go right here.

You want people to be able to find these.

And if you have nothing there when I go looking at your profile I am going to assume your business is not really important to you. Maybe it is just a hobby.

Show That You are Proud of Your Business

People are looking at your personal profile as well as your business profile. So make it easy for them to find out the name of your business. Sometimes people meet you in person somewhere. They might remember your name but not the name of your business. Make it easy for them. Put that information right there so they can click through to your business page.

Okay that's it. Very simple tip easy to do. Go. Claim Your Real Estate!

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